Personal Note from Julie: Applying the Basic Principles of Organization

Mar 25, 2016 | Organization

getting organizedWhen we think about getting organized, it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task depending on the situation or how long you’ve left it untouched. But like any big project, you have to break it down into smaller chunks to make it more achievable.

For example, instead of trying to organize my entire office, I like to break it down into zones or go drawer-by-drawer or shelf-by-shelf instead. I create a checklist (or project plan) just like I do for accomplishing any big task, and I go item by item through it until I’m done. When you make organizing part of your daily routine, instead of a big project that hangs over your head, it’s much easier to develop healthier habits in this area.

The next step in getting organized is to apply the basic principles of organizing to your space. As I’ve worked with professional organizers throughout my career, I’ve boiled their advice down into four basic steps that have helped me tremendously: gather, contain, label, and create a home. I share more details about applying this simple and easy to use strategy in this week’s feature article, and I’ve included a graphic to illustrate it. These steps are essential — whether you apply them to organizing files on your desk, digital files on your computer, or working on a big project.

After my husband and I moved last spring, I used these four basic steps to keep us both on track and moving through the chaos of unpacking and creating new homes for our things. It worked wonderfully! And one of the most rewarding parts was that my husband was asking, “Where does this live?” by the time we were done. Organizing skills can be taught and learned simply by using them yourself!

This week, we’re sharing more about the four principles of organization, and how they can help you in your admin career, on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Being organized doesn’t mean everything is perfect! It means you can find what you need when you need it. Use these four basic principles to create more order in your space and enjoy the relief that comes with a more organized space!

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