Personal Note from Julie: Adapting to Support Remote Executives and Teams

May 13, 2016 | Administrative Professionals

Tradtelecommuting or working remotelyitionally, assistants have worked primarily from a desk in their offices if they wanted to successfully support their executives. However, with more and more executives telecommuting or working remotely, being confined to working only from the office isn’t always necessary for their assistants either.

It’s certainly ideal when you can sit side by side with someone and get his or her in-person feedback on a daily basis. But in this highly digital world, that’s not always possible. And while working remotely may sound appealing, it comes with its own set of challenges you must think through so you set yourself up for success from the start.

That’s why the technologies we highlight in this week’s feature article are so important. These tools help you stay better connected in supporting your executive — regardless of where he or she is located!

When you are supporting someone remotely, you do miss some of the visual cues of working side by side. Some of these tools — especially the video tools — allow you to still be able to see people and their facial expressions and read body language. So don’t be afraid to initiate a new way of holding weekly touch-point calls. Instead of using email or the phone, try video calls. They just might help improve some of your virtual meeting strategies.

It takes a little more effort and work to support executives remotely, but the technology is there to help you do it successfully. So test it out and find some new tools that will work for you!

You can also find additional resources on working with remote executives on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages this week. And we’d love to hear your ideas, tips, and tools you use to support your remote executives, too!

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