Personal Note from Julie: Researching Specialty Certifications To Support Your Career Path

Aug 28, 2015 | Career Development

BusinessPeopleColleagues250[1]We’ve had a really fun and energetic conversation with you this month about certifications, how they can help admins’ careers, and the various types and options.

One of the highlights was the August 13 #AdminChat on Twitter, which included a discussion between six certified professionals and me. The chat provided a lot of excellent information, perspectives, and valuable resources, and I strongly encourage you to read the transcript! To get your copy of the full transcript, email Matthew at Additionally, you can access a fantastic free webinar presented by Joan Burge and Office Dynamics on “Why Assistants Should Consider Certification” with this link.

We’re wrapping up our certification focus this week by looking at certifications outside the general admin realm. From marketing to project management to event planning, there are a lot of certification options out there that can help you become an expert – without going back to school or getting an advanced degree.

This week’s feature article highlights a few of these certifications, and you can find a whole lot more information on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Supporting your administrative success,


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