Personal Note from Julie: Get Your Paper Files Organized

Dec 11, 2015 | Organization

filing250Do you still have paper files from last February cluttering your desk? Is your file cabinet in need of some serious TLC?

I’m a self-professed paper person. I always feel the need to hit print even when I shouldn’t. I do my best proofing on paper, and it’s a hard habit to break if you prefer paper.

And if you’re like me, one of the biggest challenges is keeping all your papers organized.

If you don’t have good systems in place for when you do hit print, things can accumulate very quickly, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the papers on your desk. So this week’s feature article share some ways to get and keep your paper files organized. And we’re sharing tips on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages on how to conquer your to-file pile and how to clean up your paper files and get them organized before the end of the year.

Take advantage of the blocks of downtime that we typically get as the holidays approach and tackle those paper piles in your office! It’s a great way to wrap this year up and get the New Year started right.

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