Personal Note from Julie: Developing Your Role as Office Manager

Jun 12, 2015 | Procedures

Office management. For some admins, it’s an unofficial part of their job descriptions. For others, it’s an official job title they aspire to step into.

No matter which group you fall into, sharpening your office management skills can do a lot to further your administrative career. From improving your communication skills to better understanding personality types and being a more innovative thinker, there are numerous ways to be a better manager.

Taking on a management role requires more finesse than just dealing with tasks and projects or managing paperwork. You have to learn to interact with people on a personal level and in group settings. You have to be patient and a good listener. And you have to work at it!

This week, we’re sharing tips and resources that will help you be as effective as you can in your role as an office manager. So be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, as well as this week’s feature article. Then chime in with some of your favorite tips and strategies for helping others in this role.

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