Personal Note from Julie: A Refresher On Digital Device Etiquette

Jul 31, 2015 | Technology

meetingnotes250[1]Digital devices have taken over almost every aspect of our lives. Medical practitioners and health officials are increasingly identifying signs of tech and Internet dependence – even addiction – in people they treat. And it’s not just an adult obsession. My 22-month-old niece would crawl for an electronic device long before she would go after a toy.

Technology makes our personal lives and jobs easier in many ways. It allows us to stay connected, work remotely and simplify tasks. The downside is that it can be distracting and keep us from being present. It can frazzle our nerves and create a false sense of urgency in places we really don’t need it. Given our dependence on technology, it’s not surprising that we’re dealing with some challenges on how to manage this gadgetry in a work setting. However, this reliance isn’t an excuse to be rude.

Our goal for this week is to help you hit refresh and be more aware of what you’re doing and who’s around you. You can find tips and advice on digital and tech etiquette in the office on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. And this week’s feature article explains how and why you need to unplug when on vacation or away from the office.

We’re all so afraid of missing what’s on our devices. But we should be more worried about what we’re missing around us. So take some time to unplug this week and really pay attention to something besides your devices. You just might find it surprisingly refreshing!

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