Partnering for Success: Strengthening Your Professional Relationship with Your Executive

Feb 17, 2015 | Career Development

partnering for successAs an admin, your primary responsibility is to support your executive. To do this effectively, you need the right set of skills, and you need to learn how to work well with your executive. But what happens once you have both of these things down pat? The next step in your professional relationship is strengthening your partnership to ensure you both achieve professional success.

A powerful partnership between an admin and executive doesn’t just happen. It’s something that requires time, communication, and a proactive strategy for developing your working relationship.

Partnering for Success: Strengthening Your Professional Relationship with Your Executive

Presented by Julie Perrine, CAP-OM, MBTI Certified, Founder & CEO of All Things Admin

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The stages of partnership development.
  • How to earn the trust and respect of your executive.
  • Why you need to think like a CEO and develop your business acumen.
  • How to better understand your executive’s personality type and strengths.
  • How to be an effective communicator and liaison for your executive.
  • To approach difficult conversations with confidence.
  • The importance of developing an indispensable administrative brand.

Whether you’ve been working with your executive for a few months or a few years, a productive working relationship with your boss is essential to your success. This webinar will arm you with the information and resources you need to be the admin he or she doesn’t want to live without! Click here to register now!

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