overcome impostor syndromeDo you ever feel like you’re not doing enough – even though your executive and team would be lost without you? Does self-doubt keep you from asking for a promotion or taking on big projects? Are you guilty of negative self-talk that diminishes your confidence and undermines your key skills?

Sound familiar? You may suffer from Impostor Syndrome.

Impostor Syndrome is feeling like a fraud, even if you’re successful. And a lot of administrative professionals suffer from this psychological condition – even The Innovative Admin™.

However, The Innovative Admin is also uniquely positioned to overcome Impostor Syndrome. By understanding the innovation journey and developing habits that prepare you for the unexpected twists and turns of your job and career, you can successfully banish Impostor Syndrome! And this webinar will teach you how!

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome as The Innovative Admin

Presenter: Julie Perrine, Founder and CEO of All Things Admin

Release Date: May 3, 2019

During this session, we’ll explore: 

  • What is Impostor Syndrome?
  • The five types of Impostor Syndrome.
  • How to identify whether you have Impostor Syndrome.
  • Tips for overcoming Impostor Syndrome with the innovation mindset.
  • And more!

Discover how to use innovation to put an end to your Impostor Syndrome with this AdminPro Training Series webinar.

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