OneNote 2016 Training Series

May 5, 2021 | Technology

For admins, keeping track of all of the details is essential! 

Whether it’s creating effective systems for minute taking, follow-up on action items, travel planning, procedures documentation, or developing communication systems that are easy for your executives to scan for information, organization is a vital skill for success-minded admins.


Microsoft OneNote can help you better organize and systematize all of the key functions you are responsible for.

If you haven’t figured out how to use OneNote yet, now is your chance!

This 3-Part OneNote 2016 Training Series is Now Available on Demand!

Part 1: Getting Started Using OneNote 2016

  • The fundamentals of OneNote – notebook structure, where to save it, using it on multiple devices
  • Creating notebooks
  • Organizing notebooks – pages, sub-pages, tabs, color coding
  • Exploring tags and creating custom tags for projects and specific types of tasks
  • Inserting files, screenshots, and links

Part 2: Sharing, Collaborating, and Using Key Functions in OneNote 2016

  • Sharing notebooks
  • Creating page templates for your notebooks (e.g. procedures, meeting minutes, travel itineraries, project plans)
  • Using search effectively
  • Using history to track changes and updates
  • Using the OneNote clipper
  • Reviewing and setting up default save locations
  • Setting up QuickNotes

Part 3: Integrating OneNote 2016 with other Office Suite Programs

  • Using OneNote with Outlook (e.g. meeting invites, sharing meeting notes, etc.)
  • Using OneNote with Word (e.g. Linked notes, links to files, etc.)
  • Using OneNote with PowerPoint (e.g. Linked notes, links to files, etc.)
  • Using OneNote with Excel
  • Printing to OneNote
  • Handwritten notes and OCR/Text on images

Learn how to use OneNote 2016 to work more efficiently, increase productivity, and collaborate more successfully.

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