Office Design Tips for a Productive Workplace (Sponsored)

Sep 12, 2018 | Productivity

Guest post by Eleanor Whitney, Managing Editor of All Hands

These days, design inspiration is everywhere. As we scroll through Instagram, admiring like-worthy workspaces and decor details, it’s easy to look around our own spaces and think about how to adjust the decor, or redo a space to create a more inspiring environment.

As an admin or office professional, you are in charge of keeping the office running smoothly and ensuring a productive work environment for your team, which can extend to making design decisions for the workplace. Whether you are tasked with refreshing the look of the entire office, or just want to re-do your workspace, these tips are recommended by the interior designers at Managed by Q.

Set a Goal

Before you jump into the design process, or start purchasing new decor items, think about what you need your space to achieve. Figure out what’s not working in your current space, and how you want to address that challenge. Do you want your reception area to be more inviting to visitors, clients, and employees? Do you want your lounge to be a place for your team to relax and feel recharged? Conference rooms that provide creative inspiration or encourage collaboration? A more flexible common area that can accommodate workplace events? By defining your end goal, you’ll be better able to focus during the planning process.

Collect Inspiration and Make a Plan

Collect images of spaces and design ideas that inspire you. Use Pinterest or make a mood board collage to bring ideas together and define common themes. You can also visit other offices for inspiration and talk to other admins about how they have tackled design challenges in their spaces. Once you have ideas, narrow them down into a plan and make a budget to achieve it. For larger projects you may want to enlist the help of an interior designer to help guide and speed up the planning process.

Creatively Reuse What You Have

Refreshing your office design doesn’t have to be expensive. One way to save money is to repurpose furniture and decor items that you already have. Repaint cabinets and shelving and recover or reupholster furniture to add fresh designs and color to your space. If you need a more flexible space, add locking casters to tables and couches so that you can rearrange them more easily.

Focus on Design Details to Enliven Your Space

When it comes to sourcing new decor items to enhance your office design, small details and changes can make a big impact. Here are a few simple ideas to enhance the design of your space:

  • Create an accent wall with a bright paint color, fun wallpaper, or removable wall decal.
  • Place plants around the space for a pop of color and natural greenery, and to divide an open space.
  • Supply employees with matching desk organizers and accessories in on-brand colors, and ensure all personal items fit in these organizers.
  • Purchase furniture that can multi-task, such as storage cubes or benches, that can also be used for seating.
  • Add desk or floor lamps to conference rooms and your reception area to create a warmer, home-like feel.

For guidance on managing a redesign and more budget-friendly design ideas, download Managed by Q’s free guide, Designing an Office Space Your Team Will Love. The guide includes:

  • Tips for creating a seating chart.
  • Design pieces worth investing in.
  • Guidance on the right order to install new furniture, fixtures, and art.
  • How to find affordable art for your office.
  • How to choose the right plants for your space.

Admins and office operations teams will learn how to add details that will enliven their space and manage office design projects, including planning, budgeting, and goal setting. Get your free guide and start creating a great space for your team.

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