Note From Julie: Simple Ideas for Organizing Your Workspace

Jan 12, 2018 | Career Development, Organization

organizing styleAs much as I love to shop for office supplies, I’ve learned organization doesn’t magically happen just because I purchased a new file sorter or another organizing tray. Organization is achieved and maintained when you have a system in place that fits with your time and space organizing style. Once you understand your time and space preferences, you can spend your money on tools that work with your system and create a lasting solution to your organizing challenges.

Another thing I’ve learned is that organizing tools don’t have to be fancy or expensive to work effectively. Zip-top plastic bags with the contents written on them are a great tool for quickly organizing supply drawers, junk drawers, plastic tubs, and more. Keeping file folders and a label maker within arm’s reach allows you to contain, label, and create a home for loose papers as they come across your desk. Stocking a few binders and tabbed dividers sets for organizing meetings, events, travel, and projects is all you may need to organize a new assignment quickly.

An organized workspace is a positive reflection of your level of professionalism and credibility. But keeping it tidy can be a challenge when people are constantly giving you files, papers, and other items that can clutter your area.

This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite workspace organization tools to keep your space organized. We would also love to hear and see some of your favorite organization tools. Please email us at or share them on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages using the hashtag #OrganizedAdmin.

organizing styleIf one of your goals for the new year is getting organized at the office, we can help! Register for our first free webinar of 2018 on January 17, From Clutter to Calm: Creating an Organized Workspace That Inspires Productivity. I look forward to sharing some tips and strategies that have transformed how I work and maintain order and calm in the midst of chaos. I’ll also be sharing more details about our free Organize Your Workspace 5-Day Challenge from January 22-26, 2018. I hope you’ll join me!

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