Note From Julie: Ongoing Training is Crucial to Career Success

Dec 22, 2017 | Career Development

continuing education part of our daily habits and routinesI recently read that a college degree can become obsolete in as little as 18 months if you aren’t actively engaged in continuing your education beyond the degree. I believe this to be true for any professional. We have to make continuing education part of our daily habits and routines. This means finding creative ways to learn beyond attending conferences and training seminars in person.

One of my favorite ways to fit continuing education into my schedule, besides reading, is webinars. I follow several experts on social media, and I watch their posts and newsletters for the online training they provide. Typically, the webinars are recorded, so I can watch the replay if I can’t join at the time of the live event. I try to pick a date and time when I can watch it, and put it on my calendar. The flexibility this type of training provides is extremely important and beneficial for admins. And it’s one of the reasons why I created the AdminPro Training Series. Each monthly session provides assistants with access to affordable, consistent, quality training to advance their careers.

In addition to webinars, there are lots of traditional and non-traditional education options to consider – from podcasts to social media, reading, volunteering, or joining a professional association. This week, I highlight seven ways you can reinvigorate your career in 2018, including some ideas on how to fit continuing education into that equation. We’re also sharing ideas and resources for continuing your education on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. We’d love to hear your ideas on how you continue your education on a regular basis, too.

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