Note From Julie: When Life Strikes, Procedures Can Save the Day

Nov 17, 2017 | Career Development, Procedures

sick womanIt doesn’t matter what your job title is, which department you work in, or the type of executive you work for – we all need a back-up plan. That’s why I’m such a passionate advocate for documenting your administrative procedures so they are accessible to you and others when needed.

No one likes to think about something bad happening. But I can tell you from personal experience with major medical issues that you are not in the right state of mind to make work-related decisions when you are under the influence of pain medication or other prescriptions! You don’t think as clearly. Your work isn’t up to your normal standard. You’re at a higher risk of making mistakes. And you risk creating more issues than you solve by trying to work while you’re out on sick leave.

The same can be said if you’re the primary care giver for another family member who is ill, or if you have a death in the family. Both of these are immensely stressful situations, and you won’t be at your best. You need to have a safety net firmly in place, so you can better manage the situation and ensure things run smoothly at the office at the same time. Your administrative systems and procedures can be a lifesaver in these times of need.

This week, we’re sharing some ways these valuable admin resources can help you when life strikes. The feature article shares three quick tips to help you be better prepared in case you do need to take sick leave. This month’s Admin Pro Training Series addresses how to map out your office systems and get them documented for quick reference. And our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are also full of tips and resources to help you be better prepared if you do need to be away from the office.

It’s nice to be needed. It’s great when our colleagues, coworkers, and executives miss us when we’re out. But it’s even better when we’re prepared and ready to ensure the office runs as smoothly when we’re out as it does when we’re there. Getting your office systems and procedures documented is the best way to ensure both!

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