Note From Julie: Keep Your Event Guests Safe and Secure

Sep 22, 2017 | Career Development, Procedures

Risk managementI can’t imagine being a wedding planner in the Caribbean this month. With hurricane season just beginning, a lot of destination weddings are now in limbo as they wait for the properties to assess damage, make repairs, and reopen for business. If you live near a hurricane region, it may be part of your event planning practices to discuss contingency plans up front. But even if you don’t, it should still be part of your planning process when you negotiate hotels, event facilities, and other services related to your event.

Risk management isn’t something we tend to think about as admins. But if event planning is part of your job, it’s something you need to be aware of so you can ask informed questions and get the correct information from your event planning partners – no matter where you live!

Events aren’t just impacted by weather-related occurrences either. A riot, broken water pipe, fire, bomb threat – no matter what the incident, knowing how to keep your guests safe and secure needs to be part of your planning process.

Most of us are better prepared for handling disasters or major disruptions when they strike at our offices because we’ve been trained, and we’re familiar with the facilities. But what happens when something unexpected occurs at an offsite event, like a conference or a board meeting? This week, we’re answering that question and more on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, as well as offering tips and advice on emergency preparedness wherever you are!

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