Note From Julie: June is Effective Communication Month

Jun 2, 2017 | Communication

effective communicationJune is effective communication month. And while being an effective communicator is important in any profession, it’s absolutely essential for administrative professionals. Throughout the month of June, we’re going to help pinpoint ways for you to improve your communication skills – from how to become more comfortable speaking in meetings to learning to say no, becoming a better writer, and much more!

Whether you are interviewing, sharing ideas during a team meeting, talking to a customer on the phone, or sending an email, your communication skills are immediately obvious to those you interact with. What type of first impression do your communication skills create? Do they reflect positively and professionally on you?

In this week’s feature article, I share several ideas for improving your written and verbal communication skills. I haven’t always been comfortable speaking in public – in fact, I avoided it like the plague for many years! Yet, over time, I developed my skills in this area – sometimes by choice, sometimes because I was forced into situations that required it. And today, I absolutely love speaking and training audiences of all sizes.

This week, we’re sharing plenty of tips and resources on effective communication on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, as well.

Where you’re at today is simply the starting point. Choose to develop your communication skills so you become an effective communicator. It’s crucial to how you represent yourself, your executive, and your company. And it’s a skill that will positively propel your career!

Supporting your administrative success,


Crucial Conversations BookP.S. One of my favorite books on communication is Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High. It changed how I communicate and improved my skills tremendously. I highly recommend it!

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