Note From Julie: Impactful Books for Your Admin Career

Dec 15, 2017 | Career Development, Resources

advance your admin skills is by readingOne of the fastest, easiest, and most convenient ways to advance your admin skills is by reading. Each day, I read the newspaper, as well as industry and profession-related articles online. I always have at least one book, sometimes two, that I’m actively engaged in reading from cover to cover. And I refer to numerous other books as I research articles, prepare for speaking engagements, or want to learn something quick on a specific topic of interest. Books are an incredibly reasonable and cost-effective way to consistently learn new things.

These three books have made the greatest impact on my career as a whole:

More recently, the three books that have made the biggest impact on me are:

With so many books, choosing the most helpful ones for you can be tough. This week, we’re sharing some of my top book recommendations for admins in several categories. We’re also sharing some ideas on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to help you expand your reading list. And we always love hearing your top picks, too. Be sure to comment, share, or email your favorites to us!

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