Note From Julie: Communication Skills Can Make or Break You!

Jun 9, 2017 | Career Development

communication is done digitallyIn today’s office environment, a large part of communication is done digitally via email and chat. And like it or not, people brand us based on our communication skills…no matter which tools or platforms we use. With email and chat communications, we can’t see our reader face to face. We can’t see their body language as they read our messages. They can’t hear our intended tone in the written words. This means we have to be even more careful when we communicate by email and chat.

Communication is the number one skill that can make or break you professionally. One rogue tweet. One wrong email address. Consistently poor grammar. These things reflect on you, and, by extension, on your executive and employer. So brushing up on your verbal and written communication skills is in every admin’s best interest!

The “rules” of communicating digitally can be different from face-to-face interactions. So this week, we’re giving you advice on how to improve your digital communications on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Also, in this week’s feature article, I share a few simple tips that will help you keep your text and chat communications simple and clear.

First impressions count. Make sure your communication skills positively reflect the administrative professional you are!

Supporting your administrative success,


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