Note From Julie: How Do You Add Creativity to Your Events?

Feb 23, 2018 | Innovation

event planningThere’s a good reason why event planning can be a career path all its own: It requires a lot of creativity, effort, and attention to the details. Events can take on a life of their own very quickly depending on the scope and size of the meeting, conference, or offsite gathering you’re planning.

If you want to stay organized and impress your executive and colleagues at your next event, you need to become an event COP: creative, organized, project manager.

For some, planning the creative elements is their sweet spot. They come up with the most memorable meeting themes and treats. For others, coordinating all the moving parts is their strong suit. They are on top of every detail from start to finish and run the smoothest events. The best event planners combine creativity, organization, and project management to really excel.

In this week’s feature article, I explain how you can apply all of these principles to the planning, implementation, and management of your meetings and events. We’re also sharing lots of ideas and tips on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

What do you do to add creativity to your events? How do you keep yourself organized throughout the planning process? Do you use any special apps or software to manage your event projects? Share your tips with us by email at or on our social media sites.

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