Note From Julie: Put Cybersecurity Safeguards in Place

Nov 3, 2017 | Procedures

keeping your personal and business computing practices separateWhen you’re married to a paralegal like I am, you hear a lot of stories about lawsuits and court cases of varying impact. A frequent conversation at our house is the practice of keeping your personal and business computing practices separate. With more companies implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies, the legal impact this may have on you personally is worth investigating.

Do you really want to expose all of your personal computing habits and files if a work-related search warrant is issued for your computer? What are the risks you open yourself up to when you use your smartphone for work and personal use?

Maintaining separate devices for work and home is not easy to do when many of us work beyond the standard 9-to-5, and we need quick access from home or while traveling to stay productive. Yet keeping your personal and business computing practices separate is more important than ever if you want to protect yourself and your employer from cyber incidents.

This week, our feature article highlights some things you and your company should be aware of when it comes to using the same devices for work and personal computing. We’re also explaining more about why you need to keep the two separate and some tips for doing so on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Cybersecurity can seem like a big hassle until you’re the target of an attack. When you’re able to protect yourself, your executive, and your company from information being exposed and falling into the wrong hands, you’ll be glad you put these safeguards in place!

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