Note From Julie: Free Training and Resources for Admins in April

Apr 20, 2018 | Procedures, Resources

What a fun week we’re having with the Get Organized at Work 5-Day Challenge! Except for losing my voice in the middle of it, I’ve enjoyed helping our participants create or improve their systems for filing, meeting planning, organizing projects, travel planning, and more! If you haven’t already registered for the challenge, it will remain active throughout the end of April. So you can still join us and take advantage of all of the free training and resources we are sharing.

This month is all about recognition and celebration of you, your career, and the potential that exists in the administrative profession. One topic that always comes up when discussing career opportunities and advancement is money.

Asking for a promotion or raise can be difficult and downright scary for some. But if you’re ready for more responsibility or you think you’ve earned a pay increase, then don’t sell yourself short or stay quiet about it! In this week’s feature article, we’re explaining how to approach the subject of a raise or a promotion, as well as how to make a case for yourself, and what to do if you’re denied. You can also find more insights on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

There’s a lot of awesome training, fun giveaways, and valuable resources being shared in honor of admins this month. Make sure to check out the free prizes being given away at Managed by Q next week, and take advantage of the free training many of our friends are offering!

Supporting your administrative success,
Julie Perrine

P.S. Wondering about how AI will impact the admin profession, and how you can leverage this new technology in your career? Join us for this month’s AdminPro Training Series and discover how to integrate AI into your workplace. Click here to register now!

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