No Room for a Raise? Ask for These 7 Non-Monetary Perks Instead!

Dec 31, 2019 | Career Development

non-monetary perksYou’ve worked hard at your job and put in long hours, and you have the professional portfolio to support your raise request. But for reasons that can often seem unclear or unfair, your salary increase was denied. What now? While all of us would appreciate a little bump in our paycheck, the total value of your salary package doesn’t begin and end with a dollar figure. There are plenty of non-monetary perks you may be able to negotiate for if a traditional raise isn’t likely at the moment.

  1. Extra Paid Time Off. Administrative professionals lead busy lives, and as nice as a few extra dollars each month would be, extra PTO can allow you to take care of personal business, spend more time with family and friends, or simply relax and recharge.
  2. Training Reimbursement. Often, your company will recognize training reimbursement as an investment in your future, whether or not they sign off on a raise. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they’d be willing to pay for you to take a course that can help you work more effectively or attend a job-specific conference. And, unlike a raise, which will only benefit you as long as you remain with the organization, the skills you’ll learn will carry over to any future job opportunities you might pursue!
  3. Flex Time. If the traditional 9-5 job isn’t for you, consider asking for flex time in lieu of a salary increase. This allows you to come in early or stay late at will, provided you put in your contracted hours each week.
  4. Corporate Discounts. Having access to corporate discounts effectively puts money back into your pocket, even if you’ve been denied a raise. You might shave a certain percentage off of your cell phone bill, have access to corporate rates when you travel, or get deep discounts from corporate partners.
  5. Stock Options. Handing out stock shares instead of salary increases is one way that companies keep their costs low while still keeping their employees happy. And employees who own a share of a company, no matter how small, are more invested in the company’s success!
  6. The Ability to Work Remotely. Let’s be honest – most of us are far more comfortable in our own home than behind our desk at the office. And if more money isn’t in the cards, you may be able to negotiate the ability to work remotely for a set number of days per week or month. You’ll save money on your commute, and the change of environment might even make you more productive!
  7. Company Memberships. Does your organization partner with a gym or health club? Do they have a retail store? Do they offer executives or senior members special perks that regular employees aren’t normally able to access? There’s no harm in asking if you can get in on the discounts or memberships enjoyed by upper-tier team members.

Asking for a raise can be stressful. Being denied is disheartening. But when you think beyond the dollar signs and identify alternative, non-monetary perks that will add value to your life, you may be able to reach a resolution that is favorable on both sides of the desk!


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