What Are Your Mistakes Teaching You?

May 23, 2019 | Innovation

There’s nothing quite as humbling as making a mistake. I know because I’ve made plenty. While some can be overcome easily with a few simple adjustments, others take more thought, effort, and help from others to fix. I’ve discovered that one of the most important lessons of failure is what you learn as a result of the experience.

Failing is usually viewed in a negative light. No one wants to fail. Yet, when we look at any invention – big or small – it takes countless failed efforts to perfect the final product.

Thomas Edison didn’t invent the incandescent electric light bulb on his first try. In fact, it took combining five separate inventions, and numerous failed attempts, before his light bulb finally worked!

Failure is a natural and useful element of innovation. It forces us to learn from our failed efforts and adapt our ideas until they work. This is also how we evolve and expand our potential as The Innovative Admin™.    

Failure can be a positive thing, teaching us what not to do and how to improve as we move forward. It also helps us develop resilience. This week on our FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages, we’re explaining why failure is necessary if you want to become The Innovative Admin™. We’re also explaining two types of impostor syndrome that include a serious fear of failure: The Perfectionist and The Superwoman/man. If you suffer from either of these impostor competence types, learning to develop a healthy appreciation for the value of failure will help you.

We all fail at some point. What matters is what we learn from it. When we find the hidden lessons in our failure, we triumph over our mistake and become better admins (and people) because of it!

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

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