Maximize Your Productivity with the October AdminPro Training Series!

Oct 5, 2016 | Productivity

Is your inbox overflowing? Are you struggling to stay on top of your projects and related tasks? Are you looking for a single system that can simplify and streamline your workflow?

It’s time to become a power user of Microsoft Outlook and its full functionality!

We’ve become dependent upon computers, email, voicemail, the Internet, and smart phones to get our work done. As a result, our inboxes are overflowing and the volume of requests and tasks we receive each day overwhelms us. Technology can undoubtedly improve your productivity, but it can make you less productive if you’re not careful. That’s why you must become a power user of Microsoft Outlook to maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow, and we have the webinar to help you do it!

Topic: Maximize Your Productivity by Mastering Workflow with Microsoft Outlook

Presenter: Julie Perrine, Certified Productivity Pro® Consultant, Founder & CEO, All Things Admin

Available throughout October 2016

This webinar is designed to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time by mastering the key workflow functionality of Microsoft Outlook. You’ll learn:

  • A new way of working with your inbox, tasks, and calendar.
  • How to use one list with three views to transform how you work.
  • A six-step daily planning method for getting things done.
  • The difference between moving and dragging things between Outlook components (and what to do when you lose something in the process!).
  • How to customize toolbars and ribbons for how you work.
  • How to use tasks and categories for managing your to do list.
  • Strategies for properly using folders and rules to manage your inbox (including how to set a special alert for emails from your executive).

This AdminPro Training Series will show you several key features – as well as a few lesser known ones – and how to use them to your productivity advantage! Get the webinar now!


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