Note From Julie: Discover How to Leverage AI for More Effective Travel Planning

Feb 28, 2019 | Travel Planning

Artificial intelligence is helping the admin field evolve in numerous ways, but one of the areas where it’s having the biggest impact is travel planning. From personal travel assistance to virtual ticketing booths and better reservation technology, AI is shaking up the way travel is planned.

When I first started making travel arrangements early in my career, my company had its own travel department. It made booking travel a lot easier in many ways. When I became a virtual assistant, I quickly realized the time savings and value of using a travel agency for setting up my clients’ travel plans. I could go online and book them directly through the agency’s web portal. But if my travelers needed help while traveling, the agents could get them rerouted much more effectively and quickly than I could by calling the airlines directly. It was a huge time and expense saver!

Fast forward 15 years, I still prefer to book through my travel agency for more complex travel itineraries – especially for air travel. But I’m now more likely to book my ground transportation and hotels directly through an app. In some cases, I get a discount for doing so. One app also makes recommendations for other reservations I may need based on the travel I already booked. It’s like having your own personal assistant say, “Hey, do you need car service from the office to the airport when you fly out, or are you driving your own car?”

This week, on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, we’re explaining more about how to leverage AI to better plan trips, and giving you recommendations for tools and technology that can help.

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

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