You Know You’re an Appreciated Admin When …

Apr 24, 2014 | Communication

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Happy Administrative Professionals Week! To celebrate this special occasion, and Admin Appreciation month, we asked you to finish the sentence: “You know you’re an appreciated admin when…”

We received numerous responses from admins all over the world telling us what makes them feel valued in their workplace. We enjoyed reading them so much that we broke them down into categories and we’re sharing them with you! Read on to learn what makes your fellow admins feel like theirs is a job well done. You may even get a few ideas on how to show your executive and colleagues your appreciation!


“My boss gives me nice gifts of clothing, jewelry, or a purse for my birthday, Christmas, and Administrative Professionals Day!” – Delores Van Tuyl Champ

“Your boss sends flowers to your home on your birthday.” – Debbie

“Your boss brings you flowers before she goes on vacation, which falls on Admins’ Day.” – Kathy MacLeod

Words of Praise & Special Recognition

“You come back from being out for a period of time and everyone tells you how much you were missed because they didn’t realize how much you do…until you were gone!” – Dona Lackman

“People outside of your office admire your work!” – Angela Pore Masden

“Your previous executives still keep in touch with you after you’re no longer partnering with them (due to retirement). I truly value those relationships.” – Brenda Hinau

“You are acknowledged in ways that matter (such as) words of affirmation, both public and private, promotion, compensation, etc.” – Gina Smith Green

“Our office manager was visiting our branch office for the first time since I’ve been there. And (she) complimented me on a “welcome package” I put together for our office giving information on directions, hotels, etc., and said she wished every office had one.” – Gretchen Dietz

“Someone actually stops to say, ‘You’re appreciated!’ I also liked getting a Wonder Woman card for a holiday.” – Leslie Adkins

“You are remembered/missed even after you leave.” – Donna Woiteshek-Barkley

“My boss says out of the blue, and more than once, “I know I haven’t told you recently, but I am very thankful for you.” – Kathy MacLeod

“Your boss tells you that he wants to work with you until he retires!” – Jodi Hohman Palamides

“You come back from vacation or being out sick and everyone in the office says ‘I’m so glad your back. It’s never the same when you are out.’ They think it’s way too quiet when I am out!” – Pepper Myers Ninis

“Other executives tell my executive that they want an admin like me! It was a surprise for me to hear one day how my boss’ colleague had stated that he wanted an admin like me! You never know what kind of an influence you make on people just by being the best that you can be!” – Rose Hughes

“Your boss tells you that you have totally changed their view on the need for an admin, and that they do not know how they managed before you were hired.” – Kimberly Laukala

“Customers and former coworkers all say they miss you, wish you could come back, and (that) nothing runs smoothly any more.” – Tana Klunder

“Other employees outside of your department tell you thank you for a job well done!” – Susan Duke Goeltzenleuchter

“On April 1, my two bosses came into my office. They shook my hand. And they proceeded to say they wanted to celebrate Administrative Professionals “month” (not day or week) with me. And that they appreciate everything I do, and that I’m very much needed!” – Sandy Drifka

“People fight over you because they need you, or they come and ask you for help because they know they can rely on you. Feeling wanted/needed is a huge boost and helps get that appreciated feeling.” – Michelle MacDonald

Random Acts of Kindness

“You earn your CAP-OM (as I did in Dec 2013) and every administrator and supervisor, all the way up to the superintendent, send you congratulatory notes and submit letters of commendation to HR for your personnel file!” – Elizabeth McFall

“You are asked to lunch for Admin Day when you were really not expecting it.” – Candice Albers

“You are offered their summer home when they find out you registered for a race in that area.” – Teresa Gonzalez

“Your boss asks, ‘Do you have lunch?’ He asked me every day. If I was extremely busy that day and unable to grab lunch for myself, my boss would pick up something for me.” – Carol Stewart

“One of your manager’s peers sends you a thank you note, cc’s your manager, and he replies back that yes, you’re amazing.” – Laurie Wheeler

“Your boss takes you out for lunch and it’s not your birthday, APW or Christmas. It’s to say, “I appreciate you.” – Lynne Terrell Kerr

New Opportunities

“Your CEO acknowledges your potential and encourages you to move up the career ladder.” – Mandi Jordan

“Your executive encourages your continued professional development, includes it as a part of your PDP, and allows you the time to attend.” – Karen Swoopes

“The project manager has no issues explaining to his CEO that you have to be taken on a business trip because you are so invaluable to the project, despite all the extra costs.” – Andrea Busch

“Your previous executive gives you the opportunity to work with him again, and after the first week he tells you that he is glad you are back because he sees what a great impact you are making!” – Nancy Santos

“Your former executive calls you once a year to see if you will come to work for him at his new place of employment.” – Robin Robinson-Pierce

“(My executive) publicly introduces me to those I have not met & encourages me to attend meetings and seminars.” – Charlotte Wlodkowski

Increased Responsibility/Trust

“Your director/directors asks for your advice on a business matter” – Marina Korsounskaia

“Your opinion and ideas not only matter, but are taken into consideration and executed.” – LaVonna Franklin

“You are trusted with the big and little things, and they know you will get the job done.” – Lacey Courtney

“Your executive relies on your advice, and knows that your work insures that their job is done better!” – Erin Rauser


“When your impact makes a difference in your office running more effectively.” – Rochelle Rose

“You hand in your notice and you’re called to a meeting asking you to stay.” – Jeanette Chandler

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