An Introduction to BakerWrite Speedwriting

Dec 1, 2019 | Communication, Productivity

BakerWrite speedwritingDo you struggle to take accurate meeting notes? Are you constantly worried that you’re going to miss something important? How do you know what’s worth writing down and what’s not?

As an admin, you probably have to take meeting minutes, phone messages, and even dictation from your executive. And you need to do it quickly and accurately. Yet many admins don’t have an effective note-taking structure or system.

An Introduction to BakerWrite Speedwriting

Presented by: Heather Baker, Founder of Baker Thompson & Associates

This webinar will teach you shorthand for the 21st century! You’ll learn how to structure your note-taking and create a system that will improve your efficiency and reduce the stress of taking notes with longhand techniques.

During this session, Heather Baker will explain her simple and easy to use BakerWrite system, and help you formulate an action plan for developing your shorthand. You’ll learn:

  • Why you need a notetaking system
  • Top tips for taking notes
  • Silent letters and vowels
  • Phonetics
  • Common prefixes
  • Common suffixes
  • Advice on creating an effective action plan to help you develop the skill

Savvy admins know that each word is important. And learning speedwriting techniques will help ensure you don’t miss a single one! Register now and start learning shorthand for the 21st century!

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