How to Identify and Demonstrate Your Value in the Workplace

Mar 1, 2020 | Career Development, Communication, Leadership

When it comes to your role in the workplace, you want to be the go-to person everyone knows they can rely on. You want to work more effectively with your executive and colleagues and gain the trust and respect you deserve. To do that, you need to bring your absolute best and most authentic self to the office each day.

Everything you do as an admin involves communication and relationship building. Why and how you do what you do is related to your personality preferences, strengths, experiences, and more. The more you understand these things about yourself and others, the happier and more fulfilling your personal and work life will be.

We believe it’s wrong for assistants to feel like they can’t be themselves at work. We understand the frustration and discontent this creates, which is why we help admins raise their EQ (emotional intelligence) and authentically be The Innovative Admin™ in their workplace.

How to Identify and Demonstrate Your Value in the Workplace

Webinar Presented by Julie Perrine, Founder & CEO of All Things Admin

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Determine your work style and personality type.
  • Observe and watch for clues people share with you about their work style and personality type.
  • Apply this knowledge to your working relationships with a few simple strategies.
  • Surround yourself with the proper training, resources, and people you need to excel.

Don’t spend another day feeling helpless and frustrated by your work relationships. Learn how to decode the work and communication styles that impact the interactions you have each day. Register now so you can become more self-aware, increase your emotional intelligence, and be able to identify and share where you consistently add value in the workplace.

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