How to Manage, Match, and Exceed Expectations

Jan 2, 2020 | Career Development

managing expectationsDo you ever feel like your executive could use more help? Can you anticipate what he or she needs before they ask for it? Do you want to not only meet your executive’s expectations but exceed them?

Most assistants have a good understanding of the technicalities of the role, but many still struggle to understand what their executive really expects from them.

A productive and effective relationship with your executive is critical to not only your success but theirs too. But to develop that kind of relationship, you need to understand and meet their expectations.

How to Manage, Match, and Exceed Expectations

Webinar Presented by Nicky Christmas, Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA

In this session, you’ll learn five methods that will help you manage and exceed your executive’s expectations, including how to:

  • Know exactly what’s expected of you
  • Develop an open line of communication
  • Understand the specifics of any request
  • Evaluate and invest in your relationships
  • Create contingency plans

You’ll also get tips on anticipating needs and other mind reading tricks for assistants, including:

  • Three keys to becoming a proactive assistant vs. a reactive assistant
  • A checklist for developing your business acumen
  • The importance of taking the initiative
  • Which tasks you should be proactively managing
  • How to be more accountable and take control of your own success
  • How to become a forward thinker and better anticipate your executive’s needs

Bonus! This session also includes two bonus ebooks:

  • The Practically Perfect PA Guide To: Preparing for the Perfect Job
  • The Practically Perfect PA Guide To: Starting Out As A New Assistant

Are you ready to learn how to be an assistant who not only meets their executive’s needs but exceeds them? Then get this session now!

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