Be a Game-Changer: Master Your Executive’s Calendar and Their Time

Mar 2, 2017 | Career Development

be a game changerThink about how you manage your executive’s time each day. Are you helping him or her make the most out of their working hours? Could both of you benefit from some more effective calendaring strategies?

As an admin, you’re likely responsible for booking meetings and keeping your executive on task. However, that can be a tall order when he or she is already overbooked and needs to add another meeting to their day. And it gets even more challenging when he or she has to leave early for a personal appointment.

While it’s impossible to create more hours in the day, there are some things you can do to help your executive fit more in! This webinar will teach you how to not just manage your executive’s calendar, but master it!

Be a Game-Changer: Mastering Your Executive’s Calendar and Their Time

Presented by Debbie Gross, Chief Executive Assistant, Cisco

This session will also teach you how to:

  • Understand and anticipate your executive’s scheduling needs.
  • Become a partner in prioritizing your executive’s agenda.
  • Strategies to make your executive as successful as possible.
  • Methods for keeping your executive on time.

There’s a lot more to scheduling than writing things on a calendar! Please join us and to learn how to master your executive’s calendar and save both of you more time!


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