Note From Julie: Are Your Food Choices Helping or Hurting You?

Sep 14, 2018 | Career Development

food choicesFood is the fuel that keeps our bodies going. But when we’re short on time, or chaos erupts, it’s one of the first things that gets skipped or pushed down on the priority list. Consistently skipping meals or settling for unhealthy food because it’s fast can put you on a collision course for low energy, increased irritability, and compromised health.

Eating well is something most people aim for, but too few succeed at. Part of the reason it’s a struggle is because eating well requires planning and preparation to achieve is consistently.

When I learned about all of my food allergies and sensitivities a few years ago, meal planning took on a whole new meaning. Figuring out menus before I went to the store required planning and effort. Reading labels was time consuming. Grocery shopping became a time-consuming burden.

Over time, though, I figured out what my new normal for healthy eating, and it got easier and quicker to make it part of my normal routine. When I put some time into preparing meals, snacks, and menus for the weeks ahead, I eat better and feel better.

Food plays an extremely important role in helping your brain function properly or poorly, depending on what you eat. This week on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, we’re explaining more about how your food choices impact your focus, productivity, and more!

Our feature article also highlights several healthy habits that will support your success as The Innovative Admin™.

Make it your personal self-care challenge this week to create a better plan for healthier meals and snacks. Your body will thank you!

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

P.S. Are you looking for more information on focused self-care? Click here to avoid burnout, keep your self-care tank on full, and take better care of yourself both personally and professionally!

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