Featured Trainer: Peggy Vasquez

Apr 13, 2020 | Resources

Peggy Vasquez is an author and motivational speaker. Peggy’s mission statement is to help others succeed and that is exactly what she has done for others and can do for you! She’ll empower you by sharing her knowledge and experience, entertain you with humor and inspire you through passion.

She began her career as a receptionist, and continued to work through the various administrative roles before reaching the top level, a Chief Executive Assistant. Working side by side top executives provided her the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and honed her strength and skill set. Peggy’s strengths are: developing powerful partnerships, interviewing, image, networking, leadership, mentoring and global social skills and interpersonal skills including: communication, real-time feedback, tact, diplomacy and business etiquette.

Peggy’s passion for helping others become successful is what has driven her towards becoming an author and speaker and being involved in her community. She gravitates toward opportunities to inspire, teach and lead others. Peggy has led teams and implemented many programs, including recognition and mentoring programs and is the president of Women Helping Women and the president of Administrative Professionals of Tri-cities.

Catch an Assistant Doing Something Amazing/Nomination

Do you know an administrative assistant that has handled the chaos of COVID-19 brilliantly? The way we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day will be different for 2020. What’s something out of the box given our current reality of social distancing and stay at home orders? I’ve got an idea that will spread positivity, create community and provide mentoring moments! Want in on the celebration?

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Nominate your coworker, colleague, anyone you know (including yourself) that has shown brilliance during the COVID-19 challenge.
  2. Share a short story, highlighting what the assistant has done. Did they create a new process, provided an innovative idea, developed a methodology to keep their offices, projects and the people they support functioning optimally?
  3. Nominations are open now thru April 18.


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Admin Appreciation Month – April 2020!

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