Eat Your Career: Project Management Essentials (for Non-Project Managers)

While you may not be an “official” Project Manager by title, most modern professionals assume these responsibilities on an ad-hoc basis. Unfortunately, projects can easily go awry and those who lack experience and/or training can quickly become overwhelmed, resulting in costly setbacks and potentially damaging career consequences. This program helps those who are not professional […]

Eat Your Career: Advanced Project Management (for Non-Project Managers)

Project management is a rich and complex field with a wide variety of frameworks, philosophies and methodologies. Perhaps you’ve heard terms like Scrum, Waterfall, Sprint, Kanban, Lean, Kaizen, and Agile, and wondered what exactly they mean and how they apply to the projects you manage each day. Maybe you’ve explored different PM tools and strategies, […]

Eat Your Career: Career Goal Setting & Planning

Career planning is a daunting task. That’s why many people put it off or rely on others to do it for them. But in today’s modern workplace, career planning is the responsibility of the individual—not the organization. Most people have a vague idea of where they want to go, but they often have no clue […]