All Things Admin: Fast Track Your Social Portfolio With LinkedIn (Free Intro Webinar)

You’ve heard it’s a career best practice to have a LinkedIn profile. So you likely created a basic profile, added some experience from your resume, and thought that was sufficient. Sound familiar? If you aren’t actively job hunting, you may not think your LinkedIn profile is anything you need to worry about. But things can change […]


All Things Admin: Introduction to Systems and Procedures Development (Free Intro Webinar)

Systems and procedures are your ultimate power tools! Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t just for helping people fill in for you. Yes, they will help someone cover for you if you’re out of the office, but ultimately, they are for your use. ​​​​​​​Systems and procedures reduce your mental load, free up brain space, and decrease […]


All Things Admin: Introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2016 (Free Intro Webinar)

Whether it’s creating effective systems for minute taking, follow-up on action items, travel planning, procedures documentation, or developing communication systems that are easy for your executives to scan for information, organization is a vital skill for success-minded admins. Microsoft OneNote can help you better organize and systematize all of the key functions you are responsible […]


Eat Your Career: Change Leadership

Nothing is constant—except for change. It’s an inevitable part of modern work life. Even under the best of circumstances, change is a disruptive force and, for many professionals, it’s a trigger for stress, fear and anxiety. If not carefully managed, it can destroy morale, decrease productivity, and wreak havoc on a team and an organization. […]

Eat Your Career: Leadership – For The Unofficial Leader

The word “leader” is typically associated with high profile, powerful people. In truth, anyone can be a leader in the workplace, regardless of title or position in the organizational hierarchy. If you’re looking to pursue management opportunities in the near or distant future, leadership is a critical skill to develop. However, even those who have […]

Eat Your Career: Strategic Partnership Design (For Administrative Professionals)

Administrative professionals play a pivotal role in the modern workplace. Developing strategic partnerships with leaders is a critical way in which admins build influence and expand their value. However, many struggle to create powerful partnerships and, consequently, experience a host of challenges—misaligned expectations, frequent miscommunication, and lack of connection time to name a few. This […]

Eat Your Career: Problem Solving & Decision Making

Every day, you encounter problems in the workplace. Some are simple and straightforward; others are complex with many contributing factors to consider. In either case, you need to approach problem solving strategically. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating more problems. Similarly, every day, you have many decisions to make. As you rise through the […]

Eat Your Career: Process Improvement Fundamentals

In today’s working world, we often do things the way we’ve always done them because that’s the way we’ve always done them! Rarely do we stop to re-evaluate our processes and ask, “Is there a better way?” However, when we look at our established ways of working with fresh eyes, we often find a lot […]