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IAAP Milwaukee Branch: How to Easily Create an Effective Procedures Manual in 5 Simple Steps

October 21 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

$15 – $18

If you miss work for a week, can your colleagues fill in for you? If you’re away from home for a while, can a family member or friend keep things running smoothly? Do you have documented procedures for daily tasks that are easy to reference? 

Contrary to popular belief, procedures aren’t just for helping people fill in for you. Yes, they will allow someone cover for you if you’re away, but ultimately, they are for your use. 

Documented procedures reduce your mental load, free up brain space, and decrease your stress level. They help you stop spinning your wheels, increase efficiency, and ensure consistency in the tasks you’re doing. With procedures, you don’t have to remember every single detail of every single task. You can work smarter, not harder!

An effective procedures binder will help you – and those who fill in for you – keep your executive and office or your home running smoothly.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Why procedures are vital to every home and office.
  • Five simple steps to start creating your administrative procedures binder.
  • The appropriate items to include in your administrative procedures binder.
  • How to document understandable procedures.
  • How to fast track your procedures with a few key templates.
  • How to maintain your procedures in hard copy and electronic formats.

Creating good procedures takes thought and effort, but the result is a product that can be used repeatedly by you and others. It’s time to create organized home and office documentation that will reduce headaches and stress, and make your life easier!

IAAP has approved 1 recertification point for this program.

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