Note From Julie: Do You Need a Refresher in Office Etiquette?

Aug 10, 2018 | Communication

Office etiquette. What used to be basic common sense has evolved into HR policies to govern behavior at work. Everything from how and when you can use your cell phones to dress codes and social media use are outlined in policies to set the expectation of employee behavior.

The age of text/chat communication, open workspaces, and telecommuting alone have caused basic office etiquette to evolve. Burnt popcorn in the office microwave is still annoying. But being distracted by everyone’s conversations and phone calls in an open office makes the popcorn issue pale by comparison.

This week, we’re giving you some etiquette tips that you can implement in your office immediately. The feature article highlights how to dress for success in a way that positively impacts your personal brand, and we’re sharing lots of tips and advice on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages regarding email etiquette, dress code, executives’ preferences, social media decorum, and more!

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

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