Personal Note From Julie: Do You Have Unfinished 2014 Goals?

Dec 5, 2014 | Career Development

thanksgiving2014Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday but this year’s celebration was one of the most unique. Rather than travel to see our families, my husband and I opted for a more low-key holiday. We stayed home and got a lot of things accomplished. It was one of our most productive and relaxing Thanksgivings ever!

With help from a couple of my team members earlier in the week, we logged about 40 total hours on projects over the course of the holiday weekend. And I’m so excited about what’s going to be accomplished by the end of this year because some of these projects have been on my “to do” list for almost three years now! So while my Thanksgiving was atypical, I’m so grateful for the stress-free time I had to get some of these outstanding tasks off my plate. And we eventually managed to get a turkey breast in the crock pot for a celebratory dinner later in the weekend!

There’s nothing like a little pressure at the end of the year to motivate you to get the things you need accomplished done. So if there are still things you want to get done this year, now is the time to start working on them! You have about 1/12 of the year left, which is plenty of time to check a few more items off your list. Still need to create or update your job description? Read this week’s feature article to learn how to get yours in place before 2015. Want to improve your iPad knowledge? Register for this month’s two-part AdminTech Crash Course! Still struggling with Excel spreadsheets? Take advantage of this week’s BIG Cyber Monday savings on Excel training.

While you’re reflecting back on this year, please visit our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and share your biggest career achievements of 2014. We’ll be sharing the highlights with you next week!

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