Webinar: Be Prepared! Your Guide to Being Ready for Any Disaster

Mar 7, 2014 | Career Development

If a flood or blackout closed your office tomorrow, would you be ready? Do you have the resources and procedures in place to keep doing your job – even if you’re forced out of your office? Disasters can strike at anytime, so being prepared is crucial.

With the right preparation, you can keep your office running smoothly through any crisis – whether it’s a blackout, flood, hurricane or other disaster – and continue to do your job effectively.

Topic: “Be Prepared! Your Guide to Being Ready for Any Disaster”
Speaker: Cindy Pfennig, disaster preparedness specialist, The American Red Cross




Cindy Pfennig, a disaster preparedness specialist with the American Red Cross, has seen her share of disasters, and she knows what to do to be ready for just about anything. During this webinar she will share her experiences and explain what you can do to ready yourself and your office for the unexpected.

Participants in this session will:

  • Disaster preparedness tips.
  • Valuable resources to utilize before, during and after a disaster.
  • How to keep themselves, and their families and colleagues, safe in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Be prepared for the unexpected, join us for this March session!

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