Note From Julie: Don’t Let Your Reputation Be Compromised By a Data Breach

Oct 11, 2018 | Procedures

I found myself in a conversation about cybersecurity this weekend with a group of retired adults. Many of them use email. Some of them engage with social media. And thankfully, they all had an awareness of cybersecurity issues, but there was still a large gap in their understanding of the threats that are out there.

I expected this from a generation that did not use computers much, if at all, when they were active in the full-time workforce.

What I find stunning is the number of working adults today — people who grew up using computers, and use them to do their work each day – who click on phishing links in emails and open attachments from people they don’t know.

Many company IT departments are doing internal tests to see if their employees are making these mistakes so they can educate them before a mistake compromises their network. As assistants, cybersecurity is an area where we can add value and help shorten the learning curve for our executives and team members by staying current on the latest security threats and sharing them with our colleagues.

Most executives know that they need to focus on cybersecurity. But many are so busy that they don’t make it a priority to stay up to date on the changing security landscape.

This week, we’re explaining how you can help your executive stay secure online, increase their cybersecurity awareness, keep them protected while traveling, and more on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. And our feature article, courtesy of cybersecurity expert Lunarline, offers solutions on how to fix the disconnect between the C-suite and cybersecurity.

Being busy is no excuse for shoddy cybersecurity practices. It’s everyone’s job to be informed, watchful, and aware online for the good of the entire organization!

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

P.S. It only takes one mistake – clicking on a malicious link or visiting the wrong site – to compromise an entire organization. Believing that cybersecurity is solely the responsibility of your IT department is a dangerous and costly misconception. Register for this important All Things Admin Training on Demand session and learn how to be smarter about cybersecurity!

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