My Top 5 Resources for Creating Professional Meeting Materials [Sponsored]

Dec 19, 2018 | Organization

When an unexpected meeting pops up, it can add panic and stress. To avoid this, I keep a few key items stocked all of the time so I can create a positive and professional meeting experience at a moment’s notice.


Half-inch and one-inch binders are usually sufficient for most meeting needs. My rule of thumb is to keep enough binders on hand to accommodate the number of people on my company’s leadership team, plus six guests.

Avery has an assortment of binder sizes ranging from ½” up to 5” ring sizes in a variety of colors. The one-touch rings allow you to open all three rings with a single touch, and the wide front cover and back binder panels fully cover standard dividers and sheet protectors. If you order several binder sizes, order them in the same color so they look consistent in your meeting – even if you have to substitute a different size for some attendees.

Tabbed Dividers

You never know what you’ll need to assemble for meeting materials, so having an assortment of tabbed dividers to go with your binders keeps you prepared. You can create Avery Customizable Print-On Dividers in minutes, and quickly insert them into your meeting binders for a professional look. You can print directly on the tabs and dividers in landscape or portrait format – no labels required! And they are compatible with laser or inkjet printers.

I also love the 5-tab and 8-tab Avery Customizable Table of Contents Dividers. The numbers are preprinted on bold multicolor tabs so you can organize your documents quickly and easily with no tab inserts or labels. You can customize the table of contents with a logo, name, date, or project title to the left of the section titles with the free templates and designs at

Sheet Protectors and Corner Lock Plastic Sleeves

I like to keep the Avery Diamond Clear Heavyweight Sheet Protectors on hand because I never know when I might need them. They are acid free, archival safe, and have an easy load feature that provides a wider top opening so papers slide easily into place.

But one of the most helpful and under-utilized sheet protector options is the Avery Corner Lock Plastic Sleeves. Each sleeve holds up to 20 sheets of paper and the special Corner Lock™ feature fits snugly over the clear front cover to ensure documents don’t fall out. They are three hole punched, transparent, and reusable – making them perfect for a variety of needs. I like to include one in every binder as a catch-all for additional papers or handouts that may be distributed during a meeting.

Tent Cards

Tent cards are very helpful as they allow meeting participants to get to know one another. And, if you have external meeting participants, they can help break the ice and facilitate dialogue. The Avery Tent Cards are a premium card stock that holds up to frequent folding and come in medium and large sizes. Keep them on hand for instant hand-written name tents or create your own customized designs online with the free templates and ideas available at

Writing Instruments

I always stock an assortment of writing instruments and other basic office supplies, such as paper clips and sticky notes, in organizers in the middle of the conference room tables. Avery has an assortment of desk and pen-style dry erase markers, permanent markers, smear safe highlighters, and gel pens that make it convenient for your meeting guests to take notes, or for event speakers and meeting facilitators to create visuals on white boards and flip charts.

It’s a great feeling when you can accommodate an unexpected meeting at a moment’s notice because you had the right tools for the job. And these Avery resources will help you create professional meeting materials that make an impression!

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