Create a Standout Resume With the June Training Series

Jun 13, 2017 | Career Development

In today’s business world where companies are constantly shifting, downsizing, right-sizing, and restructuring on a regular basis, administrative professionals need to be prepared for change, especially as it relates to their roles.

Competition is fierce in the job market with an average of more than 200 applicants for every job opportunity.

In this Training Series, we will explore some of the key ingredients of a standout resume that will get you noticed.

Topic: The Admin’s Guide to Creating a Standout Resume that Gets Results

Presented by: Debbie Gross, Chief Executive Assistant at Cisco

This session will explain:

  • What recruiters and hiring managers want to see on a resume.
  • Creating an adaptable resume that can map to almost any job posting.
  • Recognizing and using the right words.
  • Identifying the key soft skills required in today’s profession.
  • Using the power of career accomplishments over job responsibilities.
  • Generating an amazing summary of qualifications statement.


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