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April 2020

Why are you #AdminProud?

Share your #AdminProud story and/or advice you’d share with someone just entering this profession or tips for working remotely on social media or in our All Things Admin Innovation Lab on Facebook, or by emailing us at adminsuccess@allthingsadmin.com. Use the hashtag #AdminProud.


April 2020

ASAP – Admin Month 2020

Join us throughout the month of April as we celebrate your #LimitlessGrowth! All month long we will be celebrating with give-aways, webinars, exclusive content, and more!

April 2020

Career Chat

Need career advice?  Engage in a conversation with Lisa Olsen and Stacy Leitner who have helped thousands of people to achieve their goals, get unstuck, and enjoy a satisfying career.  Connect and focus on what really matters in your career. 45-minutes, $99.

April 2020

Download 3 FREE chapters of The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant by Jeremy Burrows (releasing Summer 2020).

April 2020

FREE Webinar: Dirty Data – How Dirty is Your Data?

Get free access to the webinar recording of Dirty Data: How Dirty is Your Data, presented by Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel, during Admin Appreciation Month! In this information-packed session, Melissa teaches you how to reverse engineer your workbooks, detect the dirt, and strategize the clean-up.

April 2020
(and beyond!)

20% Discount on all courses offered by Practically Perfect PA! 

Get a 20% discount on all of our courses which are available throughout the year. Just use ALL20PPPA.

April 2020
(and beyond!)

Out of work? Get FREE access to training for 6 months!

We are offering any administrative professionals who have been let go or are currently out of work, FREE access to all the training resources available through our website for the next 6 months! We hope that this will keep their skills up to date through this crisis until they are able to get back into work.

We would be delighted if you wanted to share this information with your network.  To sign up, they just need to drop an email to jchurcher@executivesecretary.com

If you want to keep in touch with other initiatives as we release them, please sign up here to receive regular updates through our FREE newsletter ‘Making Waves’.

April 2020

Catch an Assistant Doing Something Amazing/Nomination

Do you know an administrative assistant that has handled the chaos of COVID-19 brilliantly?  The way we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day will be different for 2020. What’s something out of the box given our current reality of social distancing and stay at home orders?  I’ve got an idea that will spread positivity, create community and provide mentoring moments! Want in on the celebration?

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Nominate your coworker, colleague, anyone you know (including yourself) that has shown brilliance during the COVID-19 challenge.  
  2. Share a short story, highlighting what the assistant has done.  Did they create a new process, provided an innovative idea, developed a methodology to keep their offices, projects and the people they support functioning optimally?  
  3. Nominations are open now thru April 18.


April 2020

A Pandemic’s Impact on Assistants and Business Continuity

In this ongoing series, we’re looking closely at business continuity and the pandemic’s impact on your careers and lives.  Scroll down for links to articles already published, and for insights on my ongoing conversations with professional association leaders around the globe.

April 1-3, 2020

April 1, 2020

Featured Trainer
April 2, 2020

Bonnie Low Kramen

Be the Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting is led by Founder Bonnie Low-Kramen, the author of the bestseller, Be the Ultimate Assistant. For 25 years, Bonnie worked for Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and until now, has been traveling the world teaching and speaking. This will now be happening virtually. Bonnie is passionately committed to closing the wage gap and to ending workplace bullying.

OFFER: 30% off private trainings booked before June 1st. Bonnie would love to support assistants and their leaders in 1:1 mentoring and online programming that is customized to each team.

Featured Trainer
April 3, 2020

Rhonda Scharf

Rhonda Scharf is a well-recognized Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author based both in Ottawa, Canada and Fort Myers, Florida. Since 1993 she has worked with tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries. She is a respected consultant, provides uplifting and fun on-site training and workshops, and a highly entertaining keynote speaker. Add in webinars and coaching along with full customization of all programs, and she is fully competent and capable of putting you ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

April 6-10, 2020

April 6, 2020

Featured Trainer
April 6, 2020

Monique Helstrom

After nearly a decade as the Executive Assistant, Producer, and “Chief of Simon Sinek,” New York Times Best-Selling author and TED celebrity, along with my (mis)adventures as a two-time small-business owner, I have had unparalleled experiences and gained unique perspectives from thought leaders, executives, celebrities, educators, and the general workforce that this world depends on. These encounters have equipped me with the tools necessary to decipher and disentangle common issues plaguing businesses around the globe.

I have dedicated my life to helping others understand their own unique role in making great ideas
– and great partnerships – come to life.

With the thorough understanding of what it takes to be the face of a company, as well as the person “behind the curtain,” coupled with my love of learning and growth, I offer an array of skill-building and practical take-aways to help you cultivate the future you know you can achieve.

Featured Trainer
April 7, 2020

Jeremy Burrows

Jeremy Burrows is a longtime executive assistant, international speaker and trainer, author of The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant, and host of the #1 podcast for assistants – The Leader Assistant Podcast. His passion is helping assistants and executives lead well without burning out. Jeremy has worked with CEOs, professional athletes, Fortune 100 board members, billionaires, pastors—and their assistants—in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. 

He’s currently EA to the Founder and CEO of Capacity, an artificial intelligence SaaS company. 

Jeremy lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife, Meg, and their boys, Weston and Silas. To connect with Jeremy or learn more about his training resources for executives and assistants, visit GoBurrows.com.

Featured Trainer
April 8, 2020

Chrissy Scivicque

Chrissy is a career coach and corporate trainer. She is the founder of Eat Your Career, a coaching and consulting company dedicated to professional development and career advancement. We offer a variety of services for individuals and corporate clients, as well as a selection of on-demand professional development training products and signature career advancement programs.

April 8, 2020
1:00 PM EDT

LIVE Webinar: How to Build a Better Partnership With Your Executive

Register for this live webinar and arm yourself with the information and resources you need to become the admin your executive can’t imagine their professional life without!

April 8, 2020
1:00 PM EDT

Coronavirus & the Workplace: Legal Update for Employers and HR

This timely webinar will explain your responsibilities related to employee leaves of absence, shift changes, remote work, furloughs, related wage-and-hour issues, and potential reductions in force. Register here.

Featured Trainer
April 9, 2020

Lisa Olsen & Stacy Leitner

Lisa and Stacy are two of the most inspiring career-focused executive assistants and educators you will find walking the planet. Yes, that’s right—the planet! They are also the Co-founders of Admin to Admin, a training and consulting company specializing in the area of administrative support. This entrepreneurial dynamic duo is committed to helping you succeed and achieve results because your career matters.

April 9, 2020
12:00-1:30 PM EDT

BTUA Speed Mentoring with Bonnie Low-Kramen & Vickie Sokol Evans (Free)

Free live webinar series created to support the assistants of the world during the COVID-19 crisis. This event is group mind at its best! Inspired by an activity that Bonnie leads at live conferences, Bonnie and tech/productivity guru Vickie answer as many questions as possible in this 90-minute live webinar. Attendees offer their answers and ideas too. Join us! Every assistant knows that 600 heads are better than one.

When: Alternate Thursdays, Noon-1:30PM Eastern, April 9th, April 23rd, May 7th, May 21st

Contact: Bonnie@bonnielowkramen.com | Ph 908-764-0875 | www.bonnielowkramen.com

April 13-17, 2020

April 13, 2020

Featured Trainer
April 13, 2020

Peggy Vasquez

Peggy Vasquez is an author and motivational speaker. Peggy’s mission statement is to help others succeed and that is exactly what she has done for others and can do for you! She’ll empower you by sharing her knowledge and experience, entertain you with humor and inspire you through passion.

She began her career as a receptionist, and continued to work through the various administrative roles before reaching the top level, a Chief Executive Assistant.  Working side by side top executives provided her the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and honed her strength and skill set.  Peggy’s strengths are:  developing powerful partnerships, interviewing, image, networking, leadership, mentoring and global social skills and interpersonal skills including: communication, real-time feedback, tact, diplomacy and business etiquette.

Peggy’s passion for helping others become successful is what has driven her towards becoming an author and speaker and being involved in her community.  She gravitates toward opportunities to inspire, teach and lead others. Peggy has led teams and implemented many programs, including recognition and mentoring programs and is the president of  Women Helping Women and the president of Administrative Professionals of Tri-cities.

Featured Trainer
April 14, 2020

Joan Burge

Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, has made an indelible imprint on thousands of administrative professionals worldwide by creating a renewed focus on excellence in the workplace. Her impact reaches all levels of the profession through her personal brand of premier educational and training certification programs. She has coached and developed executive/assistant teams, leading to improved performance and sustainable partnerships.

Joan is a passionate advocate for the administrative profession as a career of choice. Since 1990, she has helped companies boost their bottom line by adding value within the administrative function.

Featured Trainer
April 15, 2020

Dr. Monica Seeley

Dr Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy, is one of the world’s leading experts on email best practices such as reducing email overload and using email etiquette effectively. She has a wealth of experience from working with a wide range of clients of all sizes from the public and private sector and not-for-profit organizations.

Monica is passionate about enabling individuals and their organizations to reclaim their lives from the inbox. Her workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one coaching help business people improve their productivity and well-being by saving time and energy dealing with email.

Monica has written several books on email best practices including Brilliant Email and Taking Control of Your Inbox (dedicated to PAs and EAs).

During April, Monica will be offering 20-minute virtual lunch and learn sessions on Smart Email Management – how to save time by managing email more effectively and use Outlook better.

April 15, 2020

FREE Webinar: Career Advancement for Administrative Professionals

The administrative field is highly diverse. No two admins will have the exact same job responsibilities. Plus, there are hundreds of different titles and no uniform path for progression. This can make it difficult for administrative professionals to understand what career advancement really looks like within the field.

At the same time, the admin profession is booming in all kinds of ways! There are many opportunities for those who know where to look. While it may be less structured than other fields, with a few simple steps you can take your admin experience and craft the career you want—either in admin or in another field altogether. This webinar will show you how!

As a participant, you will learn…

  • What “linear” career progression in the admin field looks like
  • How to create career progression if the linear path is not for you
  • Ways to leverage your admin skills in other fields
  • Ways to advocate for career growth even if your organization doesn’t have a pre-defined path (Note: Most companies don’t!)
  • How to use your experience to contribute to the field as a whole, outside of your organization, to enhance your reputation as an admin expert

To get registration info, please sign up at https://eatyourcareer.com/signup/

April 15, 2020

Going Remote: How to Effectively Manage Your Off-Site Team

This new webinar will help you and your management team become masters at using remote employees effectively in your business, whether inspired by a national emergency or a competitive employment market. Register here.

April 15, 2020

thank admin team10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Admin Team

Taking your administrative professionals out to lunch this year likely isn’t an option. So thanking your admin team will require creativity and resourcefulness. There are numerous ways, however, that you can celebrate them and thank them for their hard work and dedication. They’re certainly worth it!

April 16, 2020

OneNote for Windows 10

From note-taking to managing travel … organizing group projects to taking meeting minutes … and more, OneNote can do it. And this webinar will ensure you’re getting the maximum value from this powerful office app. Register here.

Featured Trainer
April 17, 2020

Anel Martin

Anel Martin is a qualified Results Based Coach who gets great results with her clients. Her goal is to make coaching accessible to those who are traditionally excluded from these services due to cost. She is also a multi award winning assistant, who has been on the front line of the profession and has trained thousands of assistants all around the world in person.

Anel offers e-learning modules at Anel Martin Training, and is the author of The Executive Secretary Guide to Building a Powerful Personal Brand.

April 20-24, 2020

April 20, 2020

Featured Trainer
April 20, 2020

Melissa Esquibel

Get free access to the webinar recording of Dirty Data: How Dirty is Your Data, presented by Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel, during Admin Appreciation Month! In this information-packed session, Melissa teaches you how to reverse engineer your workbooks, detect the dirt, and strategize the clean-up.

Featured Trainer
April 21, 2020

Donna Gilliland​

Donna Gilliland is a professional speaker and entrepreneur with a 25 plus year background in speaking and teaching to the corporate world. She is known for her results-driven, fun and engaging style of speaking and teaching. With her southern-style charm, sense of humor and her unique ability for making the complex both simple and interesting, Donna consistently scores TOP rated reviews at the close of her sessions both in-person and online.

April 21, 2020
2:00 PM EDT

Managing Uncertainty: How to Keep Your Career & Mindset Healthy During Stressful Times

A Conversation with Lisa Olsen & Stacy Leitner of Admin to Admin

The business world has always been full of uncertainty. Admittedly, now is an unusually uncertain time, and it has caused a lot of stress, fear and anxiety for many people. But, unpredictability is an inescapable part of life. Understanding how to manage it effectively is an important skill that will benefit every professional now and in the future.

In this special BONUS webinar, Chrissy Scivicque (career coach and corporate trainer) will be joined by Lisa Olsen and Stacy Leitner of Admin to Admin. Lisa and Stacy are career-focused, full-time executive assistants and educators committed to advancing the administrative field.

Join us for a dynamic, productive, and positive session about keeping a healthy career and mindset during stressful times. This will be a casual conversation—no handout will be provided—but we will follow a thoughtfully prepared agenda to ensure we use our time together wisely.

In this session, you will learn…

  • What it means to be “resilient” (mentally and in your career) and how to develop/hone this essential skill
  • Strategies to adapt to change and stay productive even under high levels of stress
  • Strategies to put yourself in the best possible position when facing reduced hours, potential layoffs, and other career concerns
  • Tips for taking care of yourself and others during turbulent times

Plus, we’ll be answering YOUR questions during the live session! 

To get registration info, please sign up.

April 21, 2020
1:00 PM EDT

FREE Webinar: Assistants as the Center of Influence™

Administrative Professionals possess the ability to be the Center of Influence when it comes to organization, planning, and people skills. When your Executive is focused on the bottom-line, having a strategic partnership with you is tremendously beneficial.

You have the potential to direct large groups of people, facilitate short-term and long-term projects, and perhaps most importantly, help your business achieve goals.

Register for this FREE webinar and be sure to attend as surprise giveaways will be done throughout the webinar!

Featured Trainer
April 22, 2020

Diana Brandl

Diana is a trainer, coach, and speaker, and blogs at The Socialista Projects, a blog for Office Professionals. She offers virtual coaching and consulting related to digitization, new work, modern workplace management, leadership and productivity. She also podcasts at The Future Assistant

Contact her for information on webinars she is holding in April.

April 22, 2020
1:00 PM EDT

Coaching Through COVID: How to Manage Employees in Turbulent Times

Gather your supervisors together for this groundbreaking webinar led by nationally known executive coach Jay Forte. Train your managers on the most important steps to support employees in this period of great uncertainty. Register here.

Featured Trainer
April 23, 2020

Heather Baker

Heather and the team at Baker Thompson Associates are focused on helping PAs and administrators ensure…

  • the success of their company employer.
  • personal development in relation to her/his own career.

Heather is the author of The Exceptional PA: Move From Good to Great. Visit her Facebook page for special offers.

April 23, 2020
1:00 PM EDT

Webinar 1: How to Use LinkedIn Amid COVID-19

Date: April 23, 2020
Early Bird time: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM EDT (7:00 AM -8:00 AM CDT)
Event details and registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/500650931387193612

Webinar 2: Video Conferencing 101 Plus

Note: learning topics will include Zoom
Date: April 23, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT (9:00 AM -10:00 AM CDT)
Event details and registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4732881193417024784

Webinar 3: PowerPoint for Office 365

Date: April 23, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM EDT – 1:00 EDT (11:00 AM CDT – Noon CDT)
Event details and registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/960018093378792460

Webinar 4: Canva 101 Plus

Date: April 23, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM EDT – 3:00 PM EDT (1:00 PM CDT – 2:00 PM CDT)
Event details and registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5791272185826462732

April 23, 2020
1:00 PM EDT

Featured Trainer
April 24, 2020

Nicky Christmas

Launched in October 2011 by Nicky Christmas, writer, international speaker and former Executive Assistant for Global Organisations in London and Barcelona, Practically Perfect PA offers practical tips, honest advice and all kinds of career development support specifically for assistants.

We will be holding the annual Future Assistant European Online Summit on May 6-7, 2020. Tickets available here.

We also offer All Things Admin subscribers a 20% discount on all of our courses which are available throughout the year. Just use ALL20PPPA.

April 27-30, 2020

April 27, 2020

April 27 – May 1, 2020

Create Your Personal Career Plan – 5-Day Challenge

It can happen at a moment’s notice. A single business decision can completely change who you support, where you work, or whether you have a job at all. When unexpected events impact your career path, you need to have a plan in place so you can navigate the twists and turns and course correct quickly.

A strategic administrative career plan can help.

Looking for more productive ways to manage professional changes? Feel like your career has veered off course? Struggling to stay current with your profession and technology trends? Then you absolutely need a career plan!

Featured Trainer
April 27, 2020

Shelagh Donnelly

Shelagh Donnelly, who’s been publishing her Exceptional EA website since 2013, is a highly regarded speaker and trainer who walked the walk for almost three decades. She now works with professional associations, government bodies, higher education and businesses, including corporations such as the NBA. She’s known for being pragmatic and positive, and for her healthy injections of humor in her presentations. Shelagh delivers webinars, interactive keynotes and other presentations helping assistants achieve career fulfillment and success.

Featured Trainer
April 28, 2020

Executive Secretary LIVE Goes Global!

With events for Assistants being cancelled or postponed worldwide, we are keen to ensure that you continue to get training and inspiration in the interim.

So we are launching Executive Secretary LIVE GLOBAL. It will feature the world’s top trainers and speakers.

Be the first to book your place at Executive Secretary LIVE GLOBAL.

2 days of workshops, elite speakers and training unlike any other. Our world-renowned LIVE events offer training to not only improve your work life, but to help you strive for bigger and better things every day.

Updates on speakers and events will be released shortly. Register your place now and use the promo code ALLTHINGSADMIN10 to save 10%!

Featured Trainer
April 29, 2020

World Administrators Summit

First held in 1992, hosted in the United States of America, the World Administrators Summit (WA-Summit) is a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and their associations. It has been held every two to four years in 8 countries, with 2018 in Frankfurt Germany being the 10th WA-Summit.

It brings together the best and brightest minds in the profession today. The WA-Summit is committed to its purpose of guiding, influencing and positively developing the profession. The delegates from each country discuss topics of importance to all administrative professionals and develop credible outcomes which are shared around the world.

Featured Trainer
April 30, 2020

Debbie Gross

Debbie Gross knows that administrative excellence is about more than juggling schedules and taking notes. An intuitive leader, she offers a fresh approach to teaching administrative professionals how to upgrade their soft skills and build confidence. Whether on stage or in the classroom, she has an innate ability to transform staff into leaders, drawing out the inner “office rockstar.

Free one-hour coaching session for the first 5 individuals who sign up using this promo code: ATA-20
Offer good through June 15, 2020


April 30, 2020
8:00 PM EDT

Wine With Rhonda

It’s not a webinar. We will be having an open conversation with those present. Bring your issues, bring your willingness to open the conversation, and join the conversation. A “Help Me Rhonda” or “Dear Abby” type of forum. When you register, you will be asked if you have any pressing issues you want discussed. It will be anonymous. However, I won’t be the only one answering the question. Everyone joins in to answer questions from their experience. This will be especially helpful as other admins who have experienced a similar situation can share what they did, what worked, and what didn’t work.

Admins supporting Admins. It doesn’t get any better than that. I hope you’ll join us. It is free to join for all!