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Overcoming my fear of fear

I did something this week that I have wanted to do for a very long time but was afraid to do.  I asked someone for whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect to mentor me.  This individual is someone I have supported professionally for several years, so asking...

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Complacency Can Lead to Administrative Career Extinction

Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, complacency is a career killer. No matter how indispensable you make yourself in your administrative career, there are no guarantees. Companies get bought and sold. Executives transfer. Departments get outsourced. Work...

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Defining What Your Administrative Support Really Means

I’ve supported numerous supervisors, managers, vice presidents, and CEOs throughout my career (herein referred to as “executives”).  I feel very fortunate that the majority of those executives treated me as a respected member of their teams but not all did. At the...

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Developing Your Personal Advisory Board

When you need solid advice, whom do you call?  When you are looking for productive feedback, to whom do you turn?  Who causes you to think differently about things that may challenge you?  Do you have a personal advisory board to help you through making difficult...

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Travel Itineraries: Effectively Organizing Executive Travel

This article was updated on May 27, 2015. Effectively organizing all of the details of an executive’s travel plans requires a travel itinerary template that you use consistently. Don’t ask your travelers if they want one – just do it! They’ll thank you for it later....

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Providing Value-Added Administrative Support

Your boss is headed out the door on a business trip, how do you prepare him? Your manager is headed to a weekly staff meeting, how do you prepare her? Your co-worker needs someone to cover the phones while they take a scheduled break, how do you support her? Do you do...

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Overcoming the “can’t” mindset

Will you bury “Old Man Can’t,” or will he bury you? Old Man Can’t is alive and well, and he may be sabotaging you without your even realizing it. Listen to your own words. How often do you use the word can’t throughout a normal day? I can’t come…I can’t attend…I can’t...

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