Organize and Manage Projects With Tools You Already Own

Project management tools usually conjure thoughts of complicated spreadsheets, Gantt charts, and expensive software -- but it doesn’t have to. Throughout my career, I’ve managed projects quite effectively with the tools and software that were already at my fingertips....

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Personal Note: Does Managing Projects Make You Stressed?

Organization is a vital skill in managing project effectively. Figuring out which tools and resources to use can be overwhelming when you start researching all the project management tools and applications out there. And once you select a tool, getting it approved for...

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An Assistant’s Guide to Project Management

Many assistants balk when they hear the term “project management.” Being asked to take on a large project can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s something that falls outside your typical job description. But all project management really entails is breaking the...

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My Top 10 Free Travel Apps for Connectivity & Productivity

Whether you or your executive travels for business, both of you should be aware of this list of my top 10 free travel apps that can keep you connected and productive while away from the office. I say “both of you” because as an admin, you can significantly shorten...

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Learn from the Best at the 2019 Admin Pro Forum

The role of the administrative professional continues to expand. As such, developing new skills is increasingly important to your executive, organization, and career. The Admin Pro Forum 2019 is a unique training and networking experience developed exclusively to hone...

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Artificial Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Efficiency

For the administrative professional, “efficient” is more than a buzzword that looks nice on a resume; it’s a way of life. It’s crucial that you are able to move from one task to the next as quickly as possible, while still maintaining the exemplary attention to detail...

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