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Affiliate Webinar: Creating “Wow” Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, "good" just isn't good enough anymore. Over 90% of all organizations are now service-driven. Technology has dramatically raised the bar on customer expectations. Companies must not only get it right for customers each time, they must...

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Affiliate Webinar: Microsoft Excel for Project Management

When it comes to project management, you can buy some pretty sophisticated software specifically designed to keep you and everything on track. However, not all of us have access to these expensive programs! But you have some powerful tools right on your desktop that...

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Strategies to Succeed as a Team of One (Sponsored)

Guest post by Eleanor Whitney, Managing Editor of All Hands As an administrative or office operations professional, keeping your team productive, efficient, and on-task is your main focus. Unfortunately, this responsibility can leave you feeling stretched, thin, and...

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Affiliate Webinar: Interviewer Bootcamp

Your reputation – and your career – hinge on hiring the highest-quality applicants. But these days, it's easy for savvy applicants to fake their way through interviews. How do you cut through the interview BS and identify the true high performers? Topic: Interviewer...

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