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Hard Worker or Workaholic – Which One Are You?

As administrative professionals, we’re hardwired to give our all on every task – and sometimes it seems those tasks just keep coming, one after another. No sooner do we finish one than another pops up – and we don’t want to leave the office with an important job...

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Affiliate Webinar: Effective Gatekeeping

You can't add more hours to your day – or your executive's. But you can ensure that only the most important matters (and people) reach their desk. Your role as gatekeeper is critical to the success of your organization, your executive(s), and your career. And building...

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Note From Julie: SOPs Are Not Just Useful at the Office

When my mom slipped on the ice a few winters ago, we quickly realized that procedures aren’t just for the office. Since my mom was the primary person who managed the household finances, insurance, and medical matters, my dad and I had to quickly get up to speed on how...

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