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Note From Julie: Unemployed? Take These Steps Immediately!

At any moment, every single one of us is one business decision away from having our professional life turned upside down. That’s why we need to be proactive in staying organized and prepared with our key career documents and tools ready to use at a moment’s notice....

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“I never thought it would happen to me…”

This article was updated on August 10, 2017. The following is a true story… It was a week after Thanksgiving when she got the news her job was being eliminated. She had noticed the workload wasn’t what it had been over the past few months, but layoffs? Seriously?...

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Note From Julie: My Experience with Career Coaches

I began working with my first success coach after I started my business in 2005. I wasn’t familiar with coaching until I attended a training course led by this particular coach. I was so impressed with what I heard and learned from her in a half day of training, I was...

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Affiliate Webinar: The Organized Office

Organization is a critical skill for administrative professionals. Chances are you struggle to create order in the disorganized chaos that is your workspace. It's possible you need more effective systems for keeping yourself, your team, and your workload organized. If...

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Note From Julie: The Importance of Taking Time Off

Whether you prefer warm weather vacations or cold weather getaways, taking real vacation time away from work is important to keep you functioning at your peak. In this age of constant connectivity, though, taking time off from you admin job can be difficult when you...

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