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Affiliate Webinar: Managing an HR Department of One

If you're flying solo in your HR department, you feel pulled in a million different directions at once. The executive team expects you to have CHRO depth of knowledge Employees want answers to all their questions NOW Finance wants benefit bills yesterday And all the...

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Note From Julie: Every Word Counts!

From emails to meeting notes to reports, admins do a lot of writing, so keeping your written communication skills sharp probably seems like a no-brainer. However, a lot of us don’t focus on this area when we evaluate training and professional development...

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Join Julie Perrine, ASAP & Avery For This Free Webinar!

Do you get depressed when you look at your desk? Are you wasting valuable time searching for emails, files, or important information? Then it is time to put the basic principles of organization to work for you! As an administrative professional, you know that being...

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Six Tips to Improve Your Written Communication Skills

As an administrative professional, chances are that your job entails some form of writing – from meeting notes to memos to correspondence for your executive. And in order to preserve your professional reputation (and your company’s), you need to make sure everything...

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Affiliate Webinar: The Innovative Admin

Innovation isn't just for technology – it's the key to your career future. Take a look around and it's not hard to find the latest innovations in software, electronic devices, and even office furniture. But as innovative as those things may be when they are first...

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Affiliate Webinar: 10 Steps to an Amazing Workplace Culture

These days, every workplace is an open book to the world. Social media and websites allow people to instantly know which organizations are great places to work—and which should be avoided at all costs. Great employees want to work in great workplaces. Look around your...

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Note From Julie: Overcome Communication Catastrophes!

At some point, most of us have said or typed something we didn’t mean to, and it can be tricky to overcome when it happens in a professional setting. It’s probably not a huge deal if it happens once or twice. However, if you notice it’s happening frequently, it’s time...

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How’s your deskside manner?

You’re probably familiar with the term “bedside manner.” It’s typically used to describe how a healthcare professional interacts and communicates with patients. A doctor with good bedside manner is likely a good communicator, a great listener, empathetic to their...

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