Personal Note from Julie: Become a Pro at Prioritizing

Feb 5, 2016 | Productivity

Priorities. They can change in an instant. All it takes is one call from your executive, a customer, or even a family member. And suddenly your best laid plans for the day, week, or even month can go up in smoke. That’s why it’s crucial to our success that we become pros at prioritizing.

To prioritize means determining the order for handling items or tasks according to their relative importance. You must be able to quickly determine the difference between the important, urgent, and unnecessary. The person standing over your desk with a request may appear urgent, but the customer call you just put on hold may be more important. You also need to realize that priorities shift and change throughout the day, sometimes within an hour of when they’re set.

I’ve found that daily planning is key in helping me master the skill of prioritizing because it forces me to evaluate what’s important, look closely at the timelines and due dates, and assess where I can provide the most value. As admins, meetings with your executive are also key to helping you prioritize effectively. It’s an opportunity to ask about priorities and gain insight into where you can provide the most value to your company.

This week, we’re sharing tips and advice on how to effectively prioritize your admin tasks and responsibilities on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Be sure to keep watching for more valuable advice and strategies throughout February as we celebrate National Time Management Month. The time is right to become the most efficient and productive person at your office!

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