Personal Note from Julie: Be a Better Delegator

Jun 19, 2015 | Communication, Productivity

multipleexecutivesOne of the things that my recent move has taught me is how important it is to delegate things that others can help me with.

Admins are often tasked with managing a lot of projects, responsibilities, and sometimes even executives. So learning to delegate is essential to your career success and sanity. However, when I worked corporately as an admin, I often struggled with delegating because I was usually the one being delegated to.

What helped me was shifting my thinking and reframing how I thought about delegation. Instead of viewing it as pushing work off on someone else, I started thinking of it as asking for help. And it made a big difference!

There are a lot of delegation tactics that you can implement to make yourself more productive. This week’s feature article highlights some of them. You can also find more tips and resources on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

This week’s focus on delegation and asking for help also ties into another important topic for admins: focused self-care, which is the subject of next week’s AdminPro Training Series. During this webinar, I’ll be sharing some very personal stories and my strategies for focused self-care. I invite you to join me for this webinar and discover how self-care can improve your professional and personal life!

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