All Things Admin: Monthly Sales Report Procedure Sample

Nov 4, 2020 | Procedures

Become a Procedures Pro!

We’re celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Become a Procedures Pro® by sharing sample procedures with you. Administrative procedures tools and training have been one of our most popular product lines, so this week we are giving you a peek into the All Things Admin team’s Administrative Procedures Binder archive.

Today’s featured procedure: Monthly Sales Report


What is it for? This report was run once a month from our online shopping cart to show us the sales from our training and products.

A few insights that may help you with your procedures development:

  • It includes a few simple screenshots from the website with key locations circled in red, so it’s obvious what the person using it needs to look for to accomplish the task.
  • We include exactly how to format the document for layout, fonts, and final printing.
  • It includes a screenshot of the finished product, so the person using it has a visual of how it should look in final format.

All procedures should include some combination of the following:

  • Title of the procedure
  • Who created it
  • Header with procedure title so all additional pages are clearly identified
  • Footer with your company name and page number
  • Who to contact if the person using it has a question

Do you have any daily, weekly, or monthly reports that you handle? Do you have a documented procedure someone could follow to accomplish the task if you weren’t available?  If so, awesome! If not, use this as a model to follow as you get your monthly sales report procedure created today!

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