Note From Julie: AI Will Change the World of Work. Are You Ready?

Feb 8, 2019 | Technology

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are showing up in the headlines almost daily now. If you watched the Super Bowl ads on Sunday, you probably noticed a number of commercials featuring robots that tapped into the anxieties around AI and its evolution into our lives.

There’s no doubt about it, AI is changing how we work. But that doesn’t make AI bad. It simply means we need to change how we think about work.

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted how CareerBuilder has taken over two decades worth of job-related data that it has collected, and it is using AI to help companies find job candidates faster as a result. That’s a win for everyone involved in the job hunt process!

For the first time ever, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers are being hired to help companies expand their use of the technology beyond the pilot stage. AI is opening doors for new career paths and leadership roles as companies look at ways to use AI in improving their business functions at all levels.

As assistants, if we want to remain relevant, respected, integral players in the 21st century office, we need to learn about AI, look at how it may change our role, and identify where we can implement it to automate and systematize aspects of our work today. We need to be on the front lines when it comes to understanding and leveraging these tools in our work.

This week, our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are full of information about how AI is impacting the admin field, why being tech-savvy is essential to thrive in today’s workplace, and how this technology can help you in your admin job. Our feature article details the benefits of AI, highlights some amazing tools, and shows you why The Innovative Admin™ should never fear technology.

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the administrative profession – are you ready to embrace it?

Supporting your administrative success,

Julie Perrine

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