Email in 2018 is more legally dangerous than ever. In recent years, email mistakes have triggered million-dollar jury awards and media feeding frenzies. The maze of employer rules and responsibilities relating to email content, monitoring, record retention, policies and best practices is staggering.

Don’t leave your email management to chance. Join Business Management Daily for this brand-new, interactive webinar from nationally recognized email expert Nancy Flynn, founder of The ePolicy Institute.

Topic: The 4 R’s of Email: Risks, Rules, Records, and Regulations

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Time: 1 p.m. EDT, 12 p.m. CDT,  10 a.m. PDT

Since email became mobile (on phones and tablets), your risks have multiplied — led by overtime claims, off-the-clock work, data breaches, and inappropriate content. Plus, employees face mounting confusion over the preservation, protection, and production of business emails and other electronically stored information (ESI). This workshop will cover topics including:

  1. What HR and employers need to know about email content, records, and risks.
    • How to draft a strategic email management policy to anticipate and deflect legal liabilities, regulatory disasters, data breaches, and other email risks
    • Best practices to ensure legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance.
  2. Why and how you must preserve, protect, and produce email business records.
    • How to recognize a true email “business record.”
    • E-discovery risks and rules: Complying with federal & state laws.
    • Regulatory requirements: Know the guidelines to prevent HIPAA, FLSA, and other risks.
  3. Establishing best practice email, mobile device, and BYOD policies.
    • Strategies for writing and implementing effective policies and procedures.
    • How email policy – supported by training and technology – can support your legal position.
    • Step-by-step plan to manage email usage at work, home, and on the road.
  4. Best practices to minimize risks and maximize compliance.
    • Tips for effective email policy training.
    • Monitoring rules: Reconciling privacy expectations with legal realities.

Employee email creates the electronic equivalent of DNA evidence, yet only 34% of organizations have email retention policies in place. And if you’re employees are working on their phones, you’re risking a million-dollar FLSA lawsuit.

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